How to Install Fake GPS

With Fake GPS application, you can manipulate the location  where you are in, because the input is not from satellite but it is chosen manually by user.
The applications those use the GPS will not know whether it is real GPS or fake GPS.

To install Fake GPS for Android :

1. Go to Play Store, Search the app with keyword: Fake GPS. There will be many search results, I recommend Fake GPS Location from Lexa, (see the capture below).
Tap Install button to start installing.

2. After Fake GPS is installed, then go to Settings menu -> Developer options.

3.  Turn Developer option ON (click the switch to ON),
     Then click on Select mock location app.

4. Choose App Fake GPS
 5. Turn on Location Service / GPS.

6. Run the Fake GPS app. Select the desired location by dragging the map

7. Tap the Play button to start Fake GPS
The Fake GPS is working now according to the selected location, and works in the background. Any applications those require GPS will read GPS information from this Fake GPS.
To turn off the fake GPS, just tap the Pause button.(when fake GPS is stopped, it is back to real GPS)