Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Create Recovery Disk in Sony Vaio SVS13A16GGB


Sony laptop/notebook Vaio SVS13A16GGB  has a backup partition for recovery if one day the operating system (Windows)  doesn't work.
For  better anticipation, (avoid if backup recovery partition crash or removed), you also need to create recovery media (flashdisk or DVD), for recovery to the normal condition  if the system crash, hardisk error, or other system malfunction using the external media DVD or Flashdisk.

To create recovery media (DVD) on Vaio SVS13A16GGB (Windows 7 OS )

• Click Start, Choose VAIO Care

• Click Advanced Tools

• Choose Restore and recovery

• Click Create Recovery Media

• You Must connect the AC Adaptor, click Next

• Insert The Media (DVD)

•  Wait for the burning process, you  will be also asked for inserting the next DVD.

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