Copy Files / Data Between Android Devices Via Wifi

Many ways to transfer files between Android devices, using external harddrive, flashdisk, bluetooth, e-mail, share via social networking, etc.
You can also use the  wifi connection. this way is solution for the android device that don't have a bluetooth on it. or if you are not ready with flashdisk or external drive.

There is a free Android software named Wifi File Transfer, you can download and install via  Play Store.
After installed, run the software, and you will be given the IP Address for accessing from others devices via Browser. Not only from Android devices, you can also access from other computer or laptop that using the same Wifi / hotspot.

Download and install wifi file transfer
Go to Play Store, and search application using key words : wifi file transfer

Choose the wifi file transfer from SmarterDroid.

After installed, Run the application
The application will give you the IP Address for Accessing from other device via Internet browser,
for example : I've got the address
Touch in Start button to start sharing

Now you can Start Accessing from other device via Internet browser (Android browser, Mozilla, Chrome, Internet explorer, Safary, Opera, etc). And use the address above ( example, yours is different ).Of course you have to connect to the same Wifi/Hotspot.

From other devices You have full control to manage files or data in the android device, you can make a new folder, rename, copy, or delete the files. So be careful giving the access to your friend. soon Stop the Service after using.

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