How to Switch On ATX Power Supply Without Mainboard

Each computer must have a power supply in it. Desktop computers  nowadays normally use power supply ATX (Advanced Technology Extended).

ATX power supply can also be used outside the CPU casing, for example due to the addition of hard drives, CD / DVD drive, or other peripherals, (because the internal power is not enough or the connector is used up.)

For those of you who understand the electronic power supply can also be used for electronic equipment or to experiment, because the power supply uses a switching system has a higher power capacity, more efficiently than with a power supply that uses transformator.
Output DC (direct current) from the power supply is 0V (common) +3.3 V +5 V +12 V-5V and-12V.

When input has been given the voltage AC (110/220V), power supply is still dead / not be immediately life (work), To turn it on, GREEN colored wires should be connected to one of the cables is colored BLACK.

• Prepare the ATX power supply
• Prepare equipment: scissors / cutters, insulation.
• For safety, make sure unplug the power cord from electrical outlet (AC)
• Find the green wire, cut and peel at the tip
• Cut and peel also one of the black wires (there are many black wires, we need one)
• Combine both end of the cables, by twisted (rotated), make sure connected properly.
• Give the isolation
For more details shown in the figure below:
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