Displaying Google Maps on Blog

If you want to tell or share the location of a place, just open Google maps, specify a location, then do share, you can send via e-mail, instant messenger or post through the blog or website.

For example, in this post I show the picture / photo and would like to inform you the location of the photo using google maps.

The location on google maps :

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The way is as follows :
• Open http://maps.google.com/
• Determine the location, if you know the coordinates point of location (get from picture with gps data), paste in the search field for example on my place is : 18.7904833333333,98.9876666666667

• When determining the location of point is done manually, point your mouse cursor at the location, then right click and select What's here?, then the location icon will appear.

• After the map in accordance with our desires, to be sharing on the blog, click the icon link on the top right of the google maps page

• Copy and paste the html code to the blog post.

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