How to know if the laptop has USB power sharing function

With USB power sharing function, you can use the USB port for charging your handphone/smartphone and any others, without switch on the laptop.

Not all of laptops have this USB power sharing function. For the laptop that has this function, at default the function is still disable (generally).

To know whether the laptop has USB power sharing function or not, and make it enable when it has:
Enter to BIOS and look for options that are related to USB.
Each laptop from different brand has different name for this function,   USB sleep and Charge, USB Charging, USB Power Share, etc.

To enter BIOS, Turn-on or restart the laptop, and immediately press  Esc, F1 or F2, or other key (depend to the brand of laptop, to enter BIOS) before loading to the Operating System.

You can see the examples below, showing the 'name' of  USB power sharing from different brand or model.

'USB Power share' Alienware A04

'USB Charging' HP Envy x360

'USB Sleep and Charge' Toshiba NB520

'USB Sleep and Charge' Toshiba R series

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