How to Hide Text Document Inside Notepad

If you have personal or confidential text data  and want to hide it without sounding hide, Put inside the computer harddisk or other storage media such as external harddisk or flashdisk. There's one way  to hide it in Notepad, by using a simple and easy command.
The disk must use NTFS formatted (generally windows now use the NTFS format)

Open Notepad through the Command Prompt (not through Start Programs ==> Acessories)

• Press Win+R to show the RUN Command, then type cmd and press Enter (to enter  to the Command prompt)
• Navigate to the drive or directory you want to save the file, for example, because I will save the file on the flash in drive H, then I type H: and press Enter
• Then type:
notepad filename.txt:code   then press Enter,
replace the blue text with the file name and the code with charac what we want.
Example  :

Press enter

 • You will see a notification say the file does not exist and will be made new, then click Yes

• Notepad window will appear,  fill in the text or secret data text what you want to hide, then save the file as usual. and exit.

• Now try opening the file we have created  using windows explorer

The file will appear empty

To open the file, do the same command as in the beginning step  by typing :
notepad secret.txt:1234

Do not forget the code you have created.

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