List of Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adjust the auto ContrastAlt+Shift+Ctrl+L            
Adjust the Color and Tone balanceCtrl+B                       
Adjust the color levels Ctrl+L                      
Adjust the Hue/SaturationCtrl+U                       
Change Page Setup for printingCtrl+Shift+P                 
Copy the selected areaCtrl+C or F3                 
Create the Group of layers Ctrl+G      
Create the ungroup of layers Shift+Ctrl+G                  
Cut the selected areaCtrl+X or F2 
Deselect all  Ctrl+D                          
Display the info of opened fileAlt+Shift+Ctrl+I        
Extract the selected area Ctrl+Alt+X                    
Extract the selected image                          Alt+Ctrl+X                       

Go to one step backwardAlt+Ctrl+Z              
Go to one step forwardShift+Ctrl+Z              
Insert new Layer Ctrl+N                          
Invert Ctrl+I     
Liquify the selected image Shift+Ctrl+X                 
Merge the LayersCtrl+E                           
Merge Visible Ctrl+Shift+E                   
Move Layer via copyCtrl+J                           
Move Layer via cut Ctrl+Shift+J                   
Paste the copied valueCtrl+V or F4                 
Print the opened document with preview Alt+Ctrl+P               
Reselect Shift+Ctrl+D                   
Save the opened document for Web Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
Select all layers    Alt+Ctrl+A                     
Select all Ctrl+A                          
Undo /redo the last changesCtrl+Z                        
Used to exit from adobe PhotoshopCtrl+Q                         

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