How to Disable Data Copy To USB Flashdisk / USB External Disk

If your laptop or computer is often used by others, while a lot of important data in it, o f course you  do not want your data copied by them without permission
To make disable copy to USB external drive or flashdisk, one way is with  making change setting in regedit editor

The steps are :

• Press Win + R (to go to Run Command )
• Type Regedit, and then click OK (Will appear Windows Registry Editor )

Type 'regedit' in Run command

In the Registry Editor window
• Double click  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
• Double click  SYSTEM
• Double-click  CurrentControlSet

• Right-click on Control, => click New => click Key.   
Give the name : StorageDevicePolicies

• Right-click on StorageDevicePolicies (just created), => Click New => Choose  DWORD (32-bit) Value => give a name : WriteProtect

• Double click WriteProtect (just created), => Change the Value data from 0 to  1 => click OK

• Log off and logon again the computer to see the result, try copying file to flashdisk. copying will disallowed.

• To return to the Normal condition, change the Value data  to 0, or delete key and the Dword that we have created, by right click => click delete.