How to Update or Synchronizing clock / time on the computer with the time on the internet

If the time on our computer is wrong, we will usually equate by looking at watch , wall clock, etc. done manually. The accuracy will certainly depend on our watches.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, better for setting the time on the computer using update  or synchronize with NTP time servers (Network Time Protocol) on the internet, in order to have a good time and accurately according to the international standard time.

Step to sync time on the computer with the time on the internet :

• Click on the display time / clock in the bottom right of your Windows

• Click Change date and time settings

• In the Date and Time Tab, look at the Time zone, select depend to your location by Click on the Change time zone

• If the Time zone is ok, then select Internet Time Tab
• Click Change setting

• Give Check / checklist on the Synchronize with an Internet time server
• Choose One server, eg, then click Update now

• If successful, there will be notification: The clock was successfully synchronized with ...
• If not successful, click again on the update now. if still does not work, try changing to another time server.

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