How to Make Faster Windows XP installation Process

Normally, to install Windows XP takes about 40 minutes
There is a trick to get Windows XP installation process much faster, only takes about 20 to 25 minutes.

Here's the trick :

• Boot the computer using the XP CD installer and follow the initial setup steps as usual.
• At the formatting step , select Quick format (NTFS or FAT32)
• The computer will restart and will start the installation process on  GUI mode (Graphical User Interface), from here we start the trick.

• After the display appears as above, press Shift + F10, (to enter to the Command prompt)
• Type taskmgr to enter to the Task Manager

• At the task manager page, click on the  Process Tab
• Right-click on setup.exe, and click Set Priority -> Select High

Task Manager Warning will appear, click Yes

Good luck  .. 

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