Ziddu will not pay anymore

Who is not familiar with Ziddu?, Ziddu is the site for sharing and store the files for free, no premium user, completely free for all, no waiting time to download a file.  more,  when someone downloaded a file, we as the owner of the  file would get  paid.
But now, we get the Not good news, Starting January 2012, ziddu do not pay the user anymore, "From January 2012, Ziddu Will not pay to users. However the Ziddu The service is 100% Free for downloading files". announced at Ziddu website.

No more detailed explanation, how about the earnings that have not been paid, or  not reached $ 10 (ziddu paid when it reached $ 10 U.S.).

Although no longer pay to the user, for me it does not matter, because Ziddu still continue its services as a storage and sharing files place for free. hopefully a lot of improvements, and not too many popup ads.

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