How to Open or Unhide the Hidden File / picture / photo In Blackberry

When you change the properties of the file (photo)  on  Blackberry device  become  hidden, at once the file will disappear, not be seen from the media picture menu.
Of course  you still want to be able to see or change the properties to back to normal.

 To view or to modify the properties of hidden files (OS V6 and under)

• From the main menu click on aplications 

• Select / click on Files 
• Choose File Folders 
• Select the Media Card (images / photos are usually stored on the media card)
• Select the Blackberry 
• Select Pictures 
• Then press the Menu (logo ), select / click Show Hidden, then the hidden picture / file will appear.
• To change back to normal properties ( not hidden )

• Press on the Menu (logo )
• Select Properties
• Uncheck the hidden mark.

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