File Sharing Between Laptops / Notebooks Via Access Point / Hotspot

When you need to share the files with friends, relatives, or anyone else, while you do not carry a USB flash disk or external hard drive, and also not possible to send the file via email because the file sizes are too big for example, the following solutions may be useful.

If you are in the area which has a hotspot/wifi then each notebook / laptop  can connect to the hotspot, file sharing can be done through this hotspot. 

In fact, many ways to share files between computers / laptops when there is no flashdisk or external drive, we can use bluetooth, ad hoc wireless connection, direct LAN cable, etc..

The benefit of using hotspot for  file sharing  is we do not have to set  IP setting, pairing, etc.
What we have to do is only setting for folder sharing.

The assumption, connection between the laptops (with OS Windows 7) and the hotspot are successful,
Let say Laptop A and Laptop B. Laptop A will share the file/ folder, and laptop B will take the file from Laptop A

• The first step, specify the folder in laptop A to be shared
For example, here I will share the folder with the folder name "doc"
Right-click on the folder that will be shared ("Doc" folder), then select Properties
                        Click on the picture to enlarge

On the Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing

Give a tick on Share this folder, then click Apply / click OK

• The next step, disable / turn off Windows Firewall, (go to Control Panel, select the Windows firewall, switch off the Windows firewall)

• Then, in order of laptop B can retrieve files from  laptop A, we have to know the IP address of  Laptop A.

In Laptop A, Open The Command Prompt, from the Run menu (Windows Logo + R) type CMD, click OK

Once the Command Prompt window appears, type ipconfig then press Enter key

In the example above I get IP address

• The last step. Accessing the file that already shared  

Use laptop B to access the folder/files already shared in laptop A

Go to RUN menu (press the Windows Logo + R)
Then type the backslash 2x (\\)  followed by IP address of Laptop A
\ \
click OK

The Shared folder will then appear 

Open the folder, to see, copy and paste the files . 

Good Luck..

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