How to Deactivate Protected Right Click on a Blog or Website

When you find the articles you look for  in a blog or website, and you need to copy and paste but you could not do, because the page is protected, for example the article can not be highlighted (select), or can not be right-clicked, so you can not copy it.

Protection generally uses javascript, so to unlock the protection is with disabling / turn off javascript in it's browser.

Here's how to disable / turn off javascript for  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser
(After Javacript is turned off, refresh the web page or blog that was protected).

Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

• Click on the setting menu (tool logo on the right page)
• Then click  Options

• Select  Under the Hood
• Click on the Content Settings

• On JavaSript, select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript

Disable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox

• Go to Options Menu

• Select the Content Tab
• Remove the tick mark on the Enable JavaScript

• Click OK

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