Easy way to Delete / Remove Temporary Files in Windows

In order to have a good  performance of the computer, one of ways is to delete or remove  the files that are not necessary, temporary internet files, cookies, history, Windows temporary files, recycle bin, etc.

All the files mentioned above can be removed manually, by going to the menu or sub menu that has / provides options to remove, or we can delete directly through the file explorer. 
For example, to delete cookies in Firefox we go to the Options menu, then select the Privacy tab, then select Remove Cookies.

The way to remove the example above of course is not practical, because we have to do it manually, and have to do one by one.

Currently, there are many tools for the purpose for deleting temporary files, cookies, history, cache, etc as mentioned above, one  is ATF-Cleaner,  the nice, simple and freeware tool

I think this tool is very good, easy to use and practical. To run : simple, execute / run the file (standalone executable file), then the ATF Cleaner window will appear, 

Then we choose which file will be removed, with a choice: Windows Temp, Current user temp, All user temp, Cookies, Temporary internet files, History, Prefetch, Java cache and Recycle Bin, or if you want to delete all, just choose Select all.

 After selected, then we just click on the Empty Selected button.

Then the selected files will be deleted.

The file can be downloaded  here, size is about 50KB for Windows.

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