How To Transfer Command Prompt Result To (be) a File

In this post I want to share how to transfer the result of CMD / MS-DOS (Command prompt) to a file.
Different from previous post How To copy contents from Command Prompt to Notepad or Ms.Word that we copy the displayed contents in command prompt then we paste it  in a notepad or word document. 
In this post we don't need to copy and paste, because the result will be created in a file directly to a text (notepad) file.

For example : the command  ipconfig, the result  will be transferred to the text file.
We insert the character of ">" between command and name of file.
so we have to write :

ipconfig  >  ip.txt
(the file ip.txt will be created and contain result of ipconfig command )

When we need to add other command and we want to put or save the result in the same file (ip.txt), insert two characters of  ">>" between command and the file name
example :
ipconfig /all  >>  ip.txt

Open the result file using notepad

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