How to Swap Mouse Button Function (right to left , left to right) Using Notepad

With computers do not always have to be serious, a lot of things you can do to reduce the stress of work or daily routine. for example with friends by swapping her/his  Mouse button function,  right button becomes left button and and vice versa left button becomes right button, so friends will feel confused. :)

Swapping  the mouse button function can be done by simply write a few commands in Notepad.

Open Notepad
type the following code :
@ echo off
rundll32 user32, SwapMouseButton

Then save the file with bat extension, for example mouse.bat

In the Save as type, select All Files
In  Encoding, select ANSI
click Save

The mouse.bat file can be copied to the flashdisk, copied on the desktop, or placed in the Windows Startup, etc, up to you, which if this bat file already executed/run, then the function of the left and right  mouse click will swap. so that the user of the computer will be confused. :)

To return to the normal function, go to  the Mouse menu  in Control Panel Windows

On the Button Configuration, give a tick  on the Switch primary and secondary buttons
Click Apply, click OK.
Another way to be back to the normal function is to restart the computer. (bat files that are not stored in the start up menu, because if it is stored in the startup after restart will be directly executed again).

Good Luck

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