How to Change Blogspot Address Using Custom Domain

Blogger allows the users to use their own domain name (Custom Domain) in his/her blog address, for example, my other blog address is, changed  to address to

Replaced with your own domain name of course with different considerations, depending on needs, your blog will look professional.

If the traffic or  visit to the old blog address is good, with changing to new domains will decrease quite dramatically, but do not worry because when someone entering to your old blog address, then will be redirected / forwarded to the new domain address, so do not worry will lose old  visitors, and the visit traffic will increase again.

If you want to change your  blogspot address, first  you must have a domain name by buying ( actually rent) domain name you want.

To buy a domain is not difficult, many providers, you can search  on the internet. Simply, we just need a domain name, without hosting, because for hosting / storage, still using Blogger, it is very advantageous because we do not need to think about hosting and bandwidth (unlike when we use paid hosting, bandwidth depends to price)

If you already have a  domain name and want to change your blogspot address,
From Domain provider, you will get a login to get access to the Domain Registration Service for your Domain name, where there is a setting DNS (Domain Name System), which will be set to make your domain name in order to connect to Blogger
That need to be set are CNAME Records and A Records.

Create a new blog on Blogger or Open the existing blogspot which you want to change to your domain

Go to the menu Settings -> Basic
On the Menu Publishing Blog address, click + add Custom Domain

In the Advanced settings field type: your domain name, then click on Settings instruction

Once we click Settings instruction then  will leave the publishing settings page,
( leaving  the blogger page )

In Setting  instruction will be obtained : Name, IP or server name for  CNAME Records and A Records.

For CNAME records, 1st record has the same settings for each user,
Name / Label or Host www 
Destinations / target, or point :

For 2nd CNAME record , its contents or setting Name / label / host and also the destination / target / points to are different for each user depending on the domain name (update blogger date 09/17/2012), intended for verification and security ( different from the previous setting, before date 09/17/2012, that do not require the 2nd CNAME record), do copy and paste, such as copy and paste into Notepad. to make easy when entry In the DNS Settings.

For A Records filled with 4 rows of records, each of which is filled with the IP destinations blogger :,,,

Keep all  information above.

Open the Domain Registration Service provided by your Domain Provider to set your DNS, you must login using username and password.
If you have trouble, you can contact  their technical support.

Create a new record for the 1st CNAME (make sure there are no other records, first remove if any) and fill  in the name/label/host :   www
then fill the value of target/destination/point to  :

Create new record for 2nd CNAME
Fill name/label/host : provided  from  Settings instruction
and target/destination/point to :  provided   from  Settings instruction

figure sample of CNAME Records

Then create 4 (four) Records for ARecord (make sure there are no other records, first remove if any), Name : your domain
Destination IP :

 figure sample of ARecords

A Record function is to redirect if there's a blog without typing www address, will be automatically redirected to the www (as blogger does not support domain without the www, the term : naked domain)

To know if DNS already active or not, ping to your domain.

Open the command prompt.
then type : ping

 Figure sample of pinging to the domain

If replying means DNS is already active, you can continue going  to Blogger custom domain settings, to set your domain in blogger, otherwise you have to wait until  DNS is active.

If DNS already active
Login to Blogger
Go to the menu Settings -> Basic
On the Publishing Blog Address  Menu, click + add Custom Domain

figure sample of Blogger Publishing Page setting
Enter Domain address in the field, then click Save.

If no error happens, your blog is ready with new domain address .

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