How To Create Contact Us Form For My Blogspot

One of ways to make interact with readers, is with using a Contact us form.
There are so many contact us form providers on the Internet, one is from
Contact form provided by is easy to set, easy to use and have the spam protection.

Below is the sample figure  of contact form provided by

When someone write and send the message, the message will be sent to your email address.
You can see the sample of  contact us form in my other blog

To create an account go to, then set your form , your email, and your color of form.
 click on figure for enlarge

Add caption

Click on Fomular then you will be given a script to put in your blog.

To put the Contact form in Blogger(blogspot) page, first you have to create new page (not new post)

With a title name  : Contact Us or the words  you want
Click HTML (as show in figure)
Paste the script to the post body, then click Publish

The Contact us form page is already created.
To open Contact us page you need a word/text, or picture and linked to that page

Go to layout
Add New Gadget
Choose Text (link with text, choose image if linked using image)
Fill with text :  Contact us, highlight and  click on the link icon, then paste the url/address of  the above page

You can see the sample on this page