How to Resolve Long Time Booting on Toshiba Portege R500

I have Toshiba laptop  Portege R500, for about 2 years it was Ok and no problem happen. But after 2 years   it had a problem, when turned power on, it took a long time in BIOS ( about 5 minutes) before loading the operating system (Windows).

Now the problem is solved. Cause is error in DVD Drive, I have not decided to look for the new DVD drive, i did to disconnect the DVD from the laptop,  it doesn't matter for me without the CD/DVD R-RW drive.

If you have the same problem with your Portege R500, maybe this can solve your problem too.

How to disconnect the CD/DVD R-RW Drive :
• Turn off the Notebook
• Disconnect /Open the battery
• Open the back cover / remove all screws using a screw driver

• Disconnect DVD Drive data cable

• Replace the cover, put back all screws.
• Replace the battery.

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