How to Set Mini Camera Time

This Post will tell you how to set the time of Mini / Spy Camera

Since the time (Year, Date and Hour) will be shown on the video or photos output, then the time setting would be correct.

Here's how the setting:
Connect the mini camera to the computer using USB data cable

Would be detected a new drive (like flashdisk), open the drive, there will be 3 folders (PHOTO, RECORD, VIDEO), and a text file with the name time.txt. We'll edit the contents of this file ( time.txt).
If time.txt file does not exist, you just create the new text file, then give the name :  time.txt

Open / Edit File time.txt  using Notepad

Edit File Time.txt using format :  Year.Month.Date  Hours: Minutes: Seconds
 2013.02.26  10:10:01

Press Ctrl+S to save, or from the File Menu -> Save

Camera is ready for use.
During camera battery is not discharged, the time will not be wrong.
Except if the battery runs out, then we need to reset the time according to the steps above.

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