How To Convert Outlook Notes To be Text Files

In this post i will tell you how to change, convert, or export Outlook Notes to become  Text/txt (notepad) files.

Below are the steps :
Create a new folder  in the local drive, for example in drive C  with the name of folder is notes

Open Microsoft Outlook, in the figures I use Microsoft Office 2007

After MS Outlook opened, press Alt + F11, then the  Microsoft Visual Basic Project window will appear
Go to Insert menu, then click Module

The next window will appear, copy and paste the script below :

Sub NotesToText()

    Set myNote = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").PickFolder

    For cnt = 1 To myNote.Items.Count

        noteName = Replace(Replace(myNote.Items(cnt).Subject, "/", "-"), "\", "-")

        myNote.Items(cnt).SaveAs "c:\notes\" & noteName & ".txt", OlSaveAsType.olTXT


End Sub

* Change c:\notes same as folder you already created

Go to Run menu, then click Run Sub /Useform 

Select Notes folder

Exit from Microsoft Visual Basic, if asked for saving the project, choose No (no need to save ).
Now, open the folder  c:\notes (folder you created at step 1)

The folder will have the text files converted from notes.


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