Monday, July 29, 2013

How To Remove Delta Search From Mozilla Firefox

If you want to remove Delta Toolbar and Delta Search Engine  from your Mozilla Firefox browser, follow the steps below :

To Remove Delta Toolbar 
• Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
• Select the Add-ons menu

• Select the Extension menu
• Uninstall/ Remove  the Delta extension

To Remove Delta Search Engine
• Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
• Go to the small magnifier at the top right of the browser (see figure), select Manage Search Engines

• Choose/select  My Online Search, then click Remove, --> click OK to save the change

• Go to Options

• Click General Tab
• Change Startup address  from  Delta to another you want, click Save to save configuration

• Go  to address bar and type :       about:config  click Go or Enter, then will appear the  warning : This might void your warranty! , click  I'll be careful, I promise!

• On the column filter/search, type delta, then press Enter
• will appear 2 preference names with value begin with, right click on  each value, then click Reset

Now Delta has already removed from your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Good Luck.

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