How To Remove Delta Search From Mozilla Firefox

If you want to remove Delta Toolbar and Delta Search Engine  from your Mozilla Firefox browser, follow the steps below :

To Remove Delta Toolbar 
• Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
• Select the Add-ons menu

• Select the Extension menu
• Uninstall/ Remove  the Delta extension

To Remove Delta Search Engine
• Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
• Go to the small magnifier at the top right of the browser (see figure), select Manage Search Engines

• Choose/select  My Online Search, then click Remove, --> click OK to save the change

• Go to Options

• Click General Tab
• Change Startup address  from  Delta to another you want, click Save to save configuration

• Go  to address bar and type :       about:config  click Go or Enter, then will appear the  warning : This might void your warranty! , click  I'll be careful, I promise!

• On the column filter/search, type delta, then press Enter
• will appear 2 preference names with value begin with, right click on  each value, then click Reset

Now Delta has already removed from your Mozilla Firefox browser.