Function Of Mouse Scroll Wheel Button

Of course everyone knows the computer mouse, it is used for  pointing, clicking, dragging, and scrolling.

Computer Mouses that existed at this time, beside have buttons for left click and right click also have button on their scrolling wheel, that have a special function.

The functions of button click on the Scroll wheel :

• When you are  opening a document that contains multiple pages, or  opening a website, to view the page up or down, simply by clicking / pressing the scroll wheel button of the mouse,  then move the mouse up or down (depending on needs), then  display the page will automatically move by itself. The speed when you move the mouse will affect the speed, fast or slow displaying movement of the page.

• Another function of the scroll wheel button is to open a hyperlink address, when the link is clicked using the scroll wheel button, the link will automatically open in New Tab, so we do not need to keep right clicking then choose open link in new tab. Simply just one click using the scroll wheel button.