How To Run Application Via Email

You can run the application you have in your computer using the email for the trigger. From anywhere you send email with Subject that already set in the rule of email client software and then when the email received, it will instruct to run the Application.

To set rule for running Application using email, you have to use email client software such as Microsoft Outlook or others.
I am here using Microsoft Outlook 2010 for the Email client software and use email from Gmail.
(to set Gmail using Microsoft Outlook you can see at previous post).

Now if you already have email on Ms. Outlook, you can see the example below how to set rule for running the application using Subject as a trigger in Microsoft Outlook 2010.
(also you can use Ms. Outlook 2003 or 2007, with little different in menu)

Here in example I want to run Notepad when receive the e-mail with subject : run_notepad
(of course you can set different application, different subject, up to you)

• Open Microsoft Outlook 2010
• Go to File tab
• Choose Manage Rules & Alerts

• On E-mail Rules tab, click New Rule

• Choose/select Apply rule on messages I receive, then click Next

• Now, select / give a tick on with specific words in the subject
• Click specific words (below)

• Write the specific word for subject, don't use general subject, for example i use run_notepad
specific word in subject to avoid people send you the same subject with this subject.

• Next wizard, choose/select/give a tick start application
• Click Start application (below)

• Select the application, browse to the Application file (exe) location. example I use Notepad, located on Windows folder, click open when ready

• Now you can see the rule already has complete logic, it say : If the message arrives with run_notepad in the subject, start notepad.exe , then click Next

• Give a name for the rule, if you don't want, you can leave default, click Finish

• Click Apply, click OK

• Now try to send email with the same subject as already set in the rule.

Good luck.

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