Setting VPN Windows 8

To set or configure VPN client in Windows 8 :
• From Desktop screen,  go to Taskbar, right-click on the Network icon, then click Open Network and Sharing Center.
The Network and Sharing Center window will appear

• Choose Set up a new connection network

• Choose Connect to a workplace

• Choose No, create a new connection
(You can choose Yes, but for me better to choose Yes)

• Choose Use my Internet connection (VPN)

• Write the IP Address and give the name of your VPN connection, then click Create

Now you are ready to connect using  VPN
• Before connect to VPN, you have to connect to the Internet first
• After internet connected, go to taskbar, click the network icon, it will display the network window.

• You can see the VPN connection that already configured
(My VPN Connection 2), then click on it

• Enter the username and password for your VPN

• If already connected the status in the VPN connection will be connected

Now you are already in the remote Network.