Convert Date to The Day in Ms Excel

In the computer it is easy to know what day of the date given. Open the time and date setting and change the date, month, and year that you want to know, and then the day will appear.

In this post I will tell you how to show the day of the date given in Microsoft Excel.

• Open Microsoft Excel
• Give the name for rows, example : Date and Day 
• B2 cell will display name of day automatically depends the value of B1 cell (day,month,year)
so at B2 column we write :  =b1 then hit Enter key

• Right-click at  B2 cell
• Choose Format cells

• In Format Cells window, choose Number tab then select Custom
• Write dddd in Type column, then click Ok to save configuration

 Now you can input the date, and result Day name will appear

The format for entering the date,month and year depends on the  cell format, in example above I use default, You can change as you want using format cell menu.