Solution for Sound Card Problem

Ever have problem with hardware of your computer audio?. Audio or sound is produced by Sound card in the computer.
If sound card of your computer is damage, before repair it, alternatively you can do this solution with simple, no need to open the cover of computer/CPU case, no need to change/replace the old sound card. You just connect/plug a small USB Sound card into USB port of your computer or notebook.

Using this USB Sound card is not only if your internal sound card have a problem., quality may become a reason.
You can try to use this USB sound, whether the sound produced is better or worse than sound produced by your internal sound card.
I like it  because the sound quality produced by this usb sound card is better than output from  my Laptop (internal sound card) 

The price is cheap, only about 2$ US ,  you can buy from local computer accessories store, or buy from online store. use key word :  usb sound card to search and look for the online store.