Thursday, June 30, 2016

Enter to Safe Mode Windows 10

If you want to start Windows 10 with Safe Mode

1. In normal Windows, go to Run command by pressing combination keys Windows+
2. Type msconfig then click Ok or hit Enter key

Will appear System Configuration window.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Run Hyper Terminal in Windows 10

How to enable Hyperterminal in Windows 10

Hyper Terminal is still used to configure devices like Switch/hub, Router box, etc, but In Windows 10 (also Windows 8, and Windows 7) you will not find the Hyper terminal application.
The last supported Windows to the Hyper Terminal is Windows XP.

You can run Hyper Terminal in Windows 10 by copying the 2 files related to the Hyper Terminal from Windows XP.
Copy the 2 files hypertrm.exe and file hypertrm.dll from Windows XP located in folder :

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Repairing Universal Laptop Adapter

I have a laptop universal adapter, I like it because can be used for all my laptops, although my laptops have different brand.

Last week it couldn't be used, no electrical output, the lamp indicator was die.

Before I decided to buy the new one. I tried to open the cover, and check what is the cause of the problem.
Finally I noted, the problem was caused by a cracked tin. It may happen for hot circuit or high current/voltage.

I took the soldering iron and the tin to repair it.
Now it is back to normal.

Bellow are the steps what I did :

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Use old laptop battery for Power bank

If your laptop/notebook or netbook has been changed the battery unit with the new one. don't waste the old battery unit although it doesn't work anymore. Because generally inside the battery unit, not all the battery cell are bad. even in more case, in the battery unit that has 6 battery cells only one or two battery cells have malfunction. One cell has a problem, it will cause the battery unit becomes malfunction.

Use the cutting pliers to rip the battery cover, or you have the other way, up to you.
Take out all the batteries, generally has model 18650 battery, be care full don't make short circuit.

You have to know the polarity which Positive and negative

Use the 18650 battery charger to know it still can be charged or not, you can see the LED indicator, if not charging means the battery is bad.
(You can buy 18650 battery charger from online market, from Aliexpress the price below 2 dollars)

Can be used for Power Bank

There are many Powerbanks in the market have real capacity not the same as they write in the specifications, the real is below what they wrote.

You can build your own Power Bank with best capacity using old battery from your laptop, because original battery from laptop has best quality.

You must have the Power Bank case, you can buy from anywhere. In the Aliexpress store there are many model of Power bank casing for sale, buy the case for the 18650 battery model. with 5 or 6  batteries. The price is not expensive.
Example Power Bank with 6 batteries
Use the batteries already selected from old laptop battery
See the polarity positive and negative, don't make a mistake. In all Electronic devices using the battery, the battery terminal with 'spring' is negative.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Replying older message in WhatsApp

In WhatsApp conversation when you want to reply or answer to the older message, you don't need to re-write or copy paste that message. You can do with the simple way.

Here is the trick:

- Tap and hold the older message that you want to be the topic
- Then Click the Reply icon (Android) or Reply text (iOS)

'Reply' icon on Android

'Reply' on Ios
The screenshot of that message will appear above the cursor, now you can write or answer the message.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Solve Generic Power bank Fault

I have generic power bank made in China  with 6 batteries model uses 18650 type battery.
It was fault, couldn't be used, couldn't be charged.

I opened the case, and found the problem.
It happened because the electric from battery didn't go to the circuit.
I looked for the reason, and found there was a broken component, it is like the fuse, or electric limiter.
The solution is: I  take a small wire as new component and soldered it to change the function of broken component.

See the figure :

First I opened the case, remove all the Batteries, and take out the Board (PCB)

The broken component is showed in the red circle , click on the picture to enlarge. Its function is to limit the electric current.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Disable Auto Update Android App

Application update may be important, but some time  it will disturb you if it comes at the wrong time.

You can disable App auto update. When the auto update is off you can do the update manually in other time.

To disable Auto Update the application in Android :

1. Go to Play Store
2. Tap the menu icon

3. Select My apps & games

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to Run Command line as Administrator in Windows 10

To run the Command line/command prompt as administrator in Windows 10 :

1. Click search icon.

2. Type Command in the search box.
3. You will see the result: Command Prompt at upside, right click on it.