How to create Windows 10 Flash drive Installer

To create Windows 10 installer in USB Flash drive  without additional tool/software:

1. Insert Windows 10 Disc installer to DVD drive, or if you use ISO image, please mount to be a  drive.
2. Insert/connect  8GB USB Flash drive  to the USB port.
3. Open the File Explorer to know the drive letters for DVD containing Windows installer and for the flash drive.
For example in My laptop, the drive letter for DVD installer is F, and for the USB Flash drive is H.

4. Run the Command line/ Command prompt as administrator.
5. In the command prompt type diskpart hit Enter.


6. Write:  list disk then hit Enter.

DISKPART>list disk

In the example/capture above, my flash drive is Disk 1. (with 8GB /7710MB).

7. Type:  select disk 1 then hit Enter.

DISKPART>select disk 1

There will be a note:  disk 1 is now selected disk.

8. Type:  Clean then hit enter.


There will be a note:  DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.

9. Type:  Create partition primary then hit Enter.

DISKPART>create partition primary

Will be a note Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition.

10. Type:  Select partition 1 then hit Enter.

DISKPART>select partition 1

Will show: Partition 1 is now the selected partition.

11. Type:  active  then hit Enter.


There will be a note Diskpart marked the current partition as active.
12. The next command is to format the flash drive.
Type: format FS=NTFS ,  then hit Enter.


The Format process will take a rather long time because it is the full format, not quick format.
Wait until format process finished.

13. After formatting now type: assign  then hit Enter.


Will be a note: Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.

14. To exit from diskpart type: exit then hit Enter.


Next step is to make the flash drive becomes bootable. It will need file from installation disk under Boot folder.

15. Go to DVD drive by typing F:  then hit enter. (F is my DVD drive, change with yours)


16. Type cd\boot then hit Enter.


17. Write the command : bootsect /nt60 H  then hit Enter. (H is my flash drive, change with yours).

bootsect /nt60 H:

If successfully, will show : Successfully updated NTFS filesystem bootcode. Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.

The last step is copying all files in the Windows 10 DVD installer to the flash drive.
See again the drive letters ( in this sample/mine, DVD drive is F, and the flash drive is H).

18. Type:  xcopy f:\*.*  h:\/e/f/h

Where f is DVD drive and h is the flash drive (change drives with yours), and the /e/f/h are command, don't be changed.

F:\boot> xcopy f:\*.*  h:\/e/f/h

The copying  process will take a rather long time because the sizes about 4 GB., 

After copy process finished, the flash drive is ready for use to install Windows 10 to the computer/laptop.
Please change the boot priority in BIOS setting, DVD drive becomes first boot in the target computer.