Toshiba Portege R500 Boot is too Slow

I have old Toshiba Portege R500 Laptop, every time the laptop was turned On, it would take a long time in booting process, about 15 minutes.  I could go for dinner while waiting until computer was ready for use :).

Now the laptop is already in normal condition again, but doesn't have the CD/DVD drive, because it is disable by disconnecting the data cable from/to the CD/DVD drive.

What I did is unplug/removing the socket to the CD/DVD drive.

• Prepare the small screw driver (plus type screw driver).
• Remove the laptop battery.
• Open the bottom cover by opening all screws first.

• See the picture: 
The location of socket must be unplug 
• Open the two screws then pull the socket to unplug.

After unplug the socket,
• Take the cover back.
• Put and tighten the screws.
• Reinstall the laptop battery.