How to know saved Wifi Password in Windows

In a Windows computer that has already connected to the wifi network, the SSID (wifi name) and the password will be saved in the Windows system to make easy connection in next time, no need to enter the password again.

When you forget the password and you have other device that needs to connect tho the same wi-fi. How to know the wi-fi password that already saved in the Windows?

To see the wi-fi password already saved in Windows computer :
• Run Command line /command prompt with administrator rights.
• Write the command:
netsh wlan show profile SSID/wifi name key=clear 
Change SSID/wifi name (red character) to your SSID for example my wifi SSID is kakara:
netsh wlan show profile kakara key=clear 
• It will show the profile and show the Password. (see my capture).
Click on the picture for enlarging.