How to Scan QR code or barcode using Smartphone

How to read QR code or barcode using smartphone Android or iOS (iphone)?.
Have you ever bought a product and it said for the more manual information and for the software you have to scan the QR Code. How to do it?

Example QR Code for
1. First you have to have an App for QRcode reader/scanner in you Smartphone.
2. If you don't have, go to Android Google Play or App Store for iOS.
3. Search App with keyword: QR code reader or QR code scanner

4.There are will be many results, you can choose whichever you want.
For free App I recommend  QR Droid (for Android) because there is no ad (at this time).

5. After it is installed, run the App. Use the camera smartphone for Scanning
6. Wait until focused, the result will be shown, and you can go to the web using the link shown.

Not only for QR Code, also the app can scan barcode, Most household products today have the barcode, you can try to scan them and see what the result.