Where is Ms Paint in Windows 10

You will not see the Ms Paint at Start menu All Apps or the shortcut on the Desktop in Windows 10.
The App file is still inside the Windows but not be shown in the Start menu All Apps.

To run Ms Paint in Windows 10, you can directly by using the run command, or you can create the shortcut on the desktop.

1. Using Run Command:

Press Windows logo +
Type:  mspaint  then press Enter or click Ok.

Then the App will run.

2. Create Ms. Paint Shortcut on the Desktop

Right click at the empty desktop area
Choose New
Select Shortcut

At the column Type the location of the item, Type: mspaint 

Click Next, give a name of shortcut, then click Finish.

The Ms Pain shortcut then will appear on the desktop. 
To run. by clicking that shortcut.