How to display Android screen on monitor, TV or Projector

The easy way to display Android screen (also iOS) on TV, PC monitor, or projector by using  Mini HDMI Wi-Fi Display TV Dongle Receiver.

There are many products for this purpose, I choose the Anycast M2 plus, the price is cheaper and the the quality is relatively good.

Installing and operating  this Anycast M2 is easy. The Pc monitor, TV, or projector must have the HDMI port input

How to install and use Anycast M2 Plus :

There are two separate modules for Anycast M2 Plus, a series of cables consisting of a wifi module equipped with a USB terminal as input for its power supply. Then another one is the main module that is Anycast display receiver.

1. Connect/plug first the micro USB port from the cable circuit to the main module of Anycast M2 display receiver.
2. Then plug Anycast display receiver into HDMI port on PC monitor, projector or TV.
3. Plug in the USB jack for power supply source to the USB port of TV, monitor, projector or also can be connected to the USB smartphone charger. (on some TVs, the USB port has no power enough to be able to run Anycast m2, so you can use the USB type phone charger as the solution).
4. Turn on the TV, projector or PC monitor, then set the video input to HDMI.
If it appears like the picture below means it is ready, just waiting for connections from the smartphone.
If it does not show up, try checking the connection again.

5. Now go to Android, check is there an application named Miracast/mirroring or wireless display ?
some Android smartphones already have the application as factory default.
If not ready, you can go to Google Play and search using key word : wireless display.
Choose the application Wireless Display Finder, like picture below and install it.

6. Turn the Wi-fi ON (just turn on, no need to connect)
7. Run the Wireless Display Finder app. Turn the switch On, then you will see the SSID wireless display from the Anycast M2. Tap on SSID to connect .

8. If successfully connected, the smartphone screen display also can be seen on monitor/TV/projector.

This also can be used on iOS. The app name is AirPlay.
The default wi-fi password for Anycast M2 is 12345678