Why can't I see my friend status on WhatsApp

Why I can not see my friend's status in WhatsApp while I'm sure he/she has just updated his/her status.
The are  two possibilities:

First, your name is not in your friend's contact. although you have him/her in your contact but if your name is not in your friend's contacts, then you can not see your friend's status.
Means if you want to see the status of your friend, ask your friend to put your name in his/her contact.

Second. Your name is in your friend's contact list but in your friend WhatsApp Privacy status setting, your name is in the list that can not see status of your friend. In this case it means that your friend intentionally blocked you from seeing his/her status.

There are three choices in WhatsApp status privacy setting, who can see your status:
1. My Contact
2. My Contact except ... ( filled with the name to be blocked/can not see your status)
3. Only share with ... (filled with only contact names those may see your status)

To go to privacy status settings:
Tap/touch the STATUS tab
Tap the Menu ( three vertical dots up-right side)
Select Status privacy.