How to know IP address on Mac OS X

To see IP address on Mac OS X / OS X / macOS.

When connecting to the LAN or to the Internet, every computer  has an IP address on it to identify each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

In Mac computer,  Mac OS X / OS X / macOS, you can see the IP address using Terminal by typing the ifconfig command, or you can see from Network menu in System Preferences.

To know IP address using Terminal :
1. Open the Terminal
(There are several ways to go to Terminal in Mac OS, you can see my previous post Ways to open terminal in mac OS X )
2. After Terminal window is opened, type ifconfig then hit Return (Enter).
You will see the IP address.

Way 2 to see the IP address of Mac OS X

Other way to see the IP address using Network information.

1. Choose/click on the search icon  (up right side of the screen).
2. Type:  network at search field. Then you will see Network at system preferences.

3. Open /click network.
Now you can see the IP address.