Why is my Android Battery Low so Fast ?

Why my android battery dying so quickly?

The causes of Android smartphone battery is running out:

1. Battery is already weak
2. Many applications are running (may be in the background)
3. GPS is always on
4. Performance of hardware is weak there is a broken /short circuit component.

1. Battery performance is weak.

Generally in all electronic devices, the battery is one of the fastest components that experience weakening performance, it has a usage life, someday will become damaged.
If battery is already damaged, the solution is to replace with the new one.

2. Many applications are running in the background.

If the condition battery is still good but when using your smartphone often becomes low battery usually you have many apps are running, more running application, they consume a lot of electricity.
If you have installed many applications.you have to check each app whether running or not in the background when it is not used.

The way to find out which app is running or not in the background, can be found from the Apps  or App info from the Settings menu.

first close all Apps, or it is better to restart the smartphone to make sure which Apps will running at start-up.

1. Go to Settings menu then select Apps or App info (depending on Android version)
2. In the Apps list or App info will be many applications, check one by one by opening it.

Once the app is opened note there is a Force stop button. If the Force stop button is gray color, it means the application is not active, but if the Force stop button is in the  black color, it means the button is active and also means the application is running.
To stop that running app press/tap the Force stop button.

Not to all applications we can do force stop, should be limited only to the applications those we have downloaded or installed. Because if we stop the application part of the Android system for example it would be make Android not working.

If you already know the applications run in the background while you don't use and those applications are not too important. you may consider to delete or uninstall them.
You can choose which one you really need and which one you don't need.

3. GPS (Global Positioning System)

As we all know that activating GPS will speed up to make battery becomes low. But we need it
for the common applications we currently use (especially for online transportation).

The solution to save battery in this case, by turning off the GPS if the application that requires GPS is not in use ..
Hopefully in the future the latest hardware for GPS does not consume a lot of electricity.

4. Performance of hardware is weak.

Device or smartphone that has component with short circuit inside it. so it consumes a lot of electricity.
There is no solution for this problem,  bring it to the service center..
Or the not recommended solution you can use it with charger connected.
Or remove battery if not in use, place it only if you will use.