Move Screenshot Folder Windows 8 and 10

To take a screenshot in Windows 8 and Windows 10, we don't need  the additional tool or software, unlike in previous Windows versions. Now just press combination keys Windows+Prt Sc (Windows key+Print screen key), it will automatically take a screenshot with PNG file and saved in Screenshots folder. Default location is in Pictures\Screenshots, and the actually target folder location is   C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots.

With certain considerations, for example easier backup, easier to manage screenshot files, etc., we can change the target folder location as we want.

For example I want to move the screenshot folder to drive E:\Captures

1. Open File Explorer (was Windows explorer), create a new Folder in drive: E with name: Captures.
2. After creating the folder, then browse to This PC\Pictures
3. Right-click on the Screenshots, then select Properties.

4. Select the Location tab.
5. Click the Move button.

6. Browse to drive E and go to the Captures folder (because I want to move to E:\Captures, for you please set as you wish). after selected then click Select Folder button.

7. In the next window you can see the new location of E:\Captures, then click Apply, click OK.

There will be a question whether the previous screenshot files will be moved to a new location? it's up to you,  if not moved and someday if you need old screenshot files  just go to the location C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\Screenshots.

Now the Screenshot folder has moved to the desired location. when taking a screenshot it will be saved to a new location. E:\Captures.