SMS / text message through computer

The use of SMS (short message service) today is already decreased, people move to other applications whose function is not only to send text messages, such as WhatsApp, Line and other social media.

But there are still many people who using SMS,  with reason SMS is very simple, focus to text message not disturbed other things that do not need.

For those of you who still use SMS for personal or business, while you are also always busy in front of the computer. you can open your SMS through the computer.
 Android messages for web is the solution for this purpose.

Before using Android messages for web on the computer :
In your Android smartphone, the SMS/message Application must use Android messages App.
Install it from Play Store if you don't have it yet.

After it is installed, when the application run, it will ask  to change SMS application using Android messages app .. select YES.

To run Web Android Messages on the Computer :

1. On the computer. Run the Internet browser, you can use: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, etc, up to you.
2. Go to

3. On Android Smartphone. Open Messages (SMS), tap on the menu icon (3 vertical dots), then select Messages for web. then tap on the Scan QR Code button.

4. There is a warning asking 'Allow Messages to take pictures and record videos?', Select Allow,
Point the camera to the QR code that appears on the computer screen (which is in step 2).

5. After successfully reading QR code then on the computer you will see the SMS web applications, complete with inbox and contacts those exist in your smartphone.

Now you can send or read  text message/SMS through your computer.
The smartphone and the computer must continue to connect to the Internet.