the ways to open Terminal in Mac OS X

Terminal is a program that provides a command line interface to monitor and control the operating system.

In Mac OS X / OS X / macOS there are many ways to open  the Terminal.

Way 1 . From Favorites menu.

1. Click Finder located on the Dock (The Dock is a quick access menu to your most frequently used applications, folders, and files. Located at the button).
2. Select Applications.
3. Choose Utilities.

4. Then select Terminal.

Way 2. From Application menu.

1. Click Finder located on the Dock
2. See at Application menu at the top of the screen. Choose Go >Utilities > Terminal.

Way 3. Using Launchpad

1. Open Launchpad from the Dock.

2. Then search using keyword Terminal at the search column (at top of the screen), and you will see the terminal icon.

Way 4.  Using Spotlight search field

1. Go to Spotlight search field at top right side of the desktop.
2. Write terminal at the search field, you will see the terminal icon.