How to Remote Desktop Windows Using Mac

When you are using an Apple computer ( MacBook , MacBook Pro , MacBook Air , iMac )
and then also you have to work with a Windows computer, do not worry, you don't need two computers on your desk, because on Mac computer you can install the  Windows Remote Desktop.

The requirements to be able to perform a Remote Desktop Windows on a Mac :
• Allow Remote Desktop must be enabled on the Windows computer
• Each computer (Windows and Mac) must be connected to the same network , for example connect to the same wifi SSID ( Service Set Identifier / wireless name ), or connected to the LAN
• You have to know the IP address ( Internet Protocol ) of the Windows computer
• On Mac computers should be installed Remote Desktop Application,

Details :

• To enable the Allow Remote Desktop in Windows, go through:
 Right-click on My Computer, Select Properties,
Click Remote settings

Make enable the Allow Remote desktop by select Allow remote connections to this computer.
Click Select users to manage the users, (the administrator already has access to the remote, no need to add)

( the term My Computer is for Windows XP , Windows 2003 Server.  Computer for Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 . This PC for Windows 8.1 ) .

• Connect each computer to WiFi ( to connect to the same SSID ) , or LAN ( Local Area Network )
• To find out the IP address on Windows computer , go to the Command Prompt ( press the Windows key + R , then type cmd, and press Enter . Then when it appears the display command ( dos ) type: ipconfig press enter , it will show the ip addresses .
Other way and detail to know the IP address, you can see at previous post How to know ip address in Windows.

• On  Mac , go to the App Store, Search the App using the keyword : remote desktop , it will display the search results , select Microsoft Remote Desktop , then install it.

• After installed , run the Microsoft Remote Desktop
• Click on the + icon ( New )

• Give a Connection name
• Fill in the IP address of your remote Windows computer on PC column name

• Now the connection name show in the list of My Desktop, double -click on it to start remote desktop .

• It will then be asked to enter your Windows username and password .

Windows screen will appear on your Mac computer .

RDP Windows on MacBook

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