Saturday, August 30, 2014

Using PC Keyboard for Android Device

When you have to write many words in your Android device, computer tablet or Smartphone, it will be easier and faster if using external keyboard, you can use the computer (PC) keyboard.

USB keyboard is used for Android Tablet

Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Restore Mikrotik Configuration

Restore Mikrotik

To restore configuration of Mikrotik router board from the backup file :
• Open Winbox
• Login to your mikrotik using Admin privilege  
• Go to Files menu
• Select the backup file. If the backup file is not in the list (other location/drive or flashdisk), you need to copy and paste the backup file to this window.

How to Backup Mikrotik Configuration

Backup Mikrotik Setting

It is very important to get the backup configuration for your Mikrotik router board. The backup file configuration will be needed when your mikrotik router board has error on it's configuration, or want to clone the configuration to other Mikrotik router board.

To Backup Mikrotik router board configuration :

1. Open Winbox.
2. Login to your Mikrotik (use admin/full group member).
3. Go to Files menu.
4. To start backup, click Backup.