Friday, April 29, 2011

Always Delete History In Mozilla Firefox When Exit

At default, mozilla firefox browser save all history items, to make easy if we need the information in the next time.
But if you don't want mozilla to save the history, it is not difficult. Every time when we exit from mozilla we can set the browser to delete / remove the history automatically.

For the newer version of mozilla:
Go to Menu Tools,  then click Options

Click on the Privacy option.
 Under History Firefox will section, choose Never Remember History

• Click OK

For the older version of Mozilla  :

• Go to Menu Tools,  then click Options
• Click on the Privacy option.
Under  the Private Data section, tick the Always clear my private data when I close Firefox check box option.
• Click OK

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Monday, April 25, 2011

How to know the color hexadecimal value of the picture or screen display

If you see the specific color of one picture or displayed in the computer screen,  and  you want to copy that color to your project, so your project have the same color. How to do that? 
You have to know the hexa value  of that color. 
To know the hexadecimal value of the picture color we need the tool called WhatColor, you can download from this link

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to separate two words within a single cell to be divided in two cell in Ms Excel

To separate the two words within a single cell in Microsoft Excel to be divided into two cells, means  each word occupies one cell, it's not difficult. using this formula.

For example we have the data below :

To separate it into two cells,  the formula is :
1. For the first new cell      =MID(A1,1,SEARCH(" ",A1)) 

How To Move Cursor Faster Using Keyboard

When you are typing, reading or editing the document on the computer, you get a black flashing line that shows you where you are typing. The black flashing line is called the cursor.

To make position the cursor exactly where you want it, it is often easier to use the keyboard arrow keys, rather than the mouse.

When we press the Left or the Right arrow key, cursor will move per character.
When we press the UP or the DOWN arrow key, cursor will move per line.

When we press and hold the Left or the Right arrow key, cursor will keep moving per character faster.
When we press and hold the UP or the DOWN arrow key, cursor will keep moving per line faster.

If you press and hold the Ctrl key (control key), and then press the Right arrow key or the Left Arrow key, the cursor will jump to the previous or next word.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

How to Delete The File or Folder Permanently in Windows

When you delete the file in windows, it move to the Recycle Bin, useful for avoid unwanted file deleted or maybe one day we still need.

But if you are sure the files no longer needed, or need for space in hard disk without go to the recycle bin.
There is nothing wrong if you delete it permanently.
Just Press and hold SHIFT key at the same time when you are deleting the file (Press Shift + Del).
the file will be deleted forever permanently.

Slang, Informal Words and Expressions in SMS or Social Networking

Sometimes when you chat, in sms or social networking (facebook, twitter, etc.), someone writes abbreviation words, and you don't understand what it means.

The following lists are commonly abbreviated words and the meaning,

ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASL Tell me your Age, Sex and Location
B4 Before
bbz Babes
BFF Best Friends Forever
BRB Be right back
BTW By The Way
CMIIW Correct me if I'm wrong
FB Facebook
FFS For fuck's sake
FYI For Your Information
GM Good Morning
GN Good Night
gr8 Great
GTFO Get the fuck out
IDK I don’t Know
IMHO In my humble opinion                        

Friday, April 22, 2011

How to Disable Autorun / Autoplay in Windows Xp

Many viruses get into computers through autoplay or autorun as usbdisk drive or flash memory.
To make Disable the function of autorun in Windows XP

Using Group Policy Editor (GP Edit)

1. Click Start , Click Run
2. Type gpedit.msc and Click OK

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Download Online Flash Games, And Play Offline

There are many online flash games now on the internet.
In this trick, how to download that online flash games and play offline.

First, what we have to do is to download the SWF file from the address where the flash game is.
for  example my flash game is from, the complete address for the game is

An easy way to download is using
Open your browser, go to

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Zoom in and Zoom out The Page in The Browser

When you are surfing on the Internet, sometimes you find the page with the font size too small or too big.
And of course you want the perfect  size , comfortable according to you.  so you need to zoom in or zoom out.

For all browsers ( Microfoft Edge, Mozilla firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome )  the keyboard shortcut key to make zoom in or zoom out are the same.

Press Ctrl  + +   to make Zoom in
Press Ctrl  - -   to make Zoom out
Press Ctrl 0   to go back to the Original size.

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How to Force Log In To Remote Desktop Computer When The Session is Already Full

Usually in the Windows remote desktop, if the session is full we have to wait for other user to logoff.
but sometimes we need to go to remote desktop immediately and can not wait because an important thing.

If you need to force, follow this trick :

1. Open Run Command dialog by pressing Windows+R key.

2. Then type the following command :

mstsc /console /v:nameserver or ip address of remote computer 
for example:   mstsc /console /v: 


mstsc /console /v:nameserver or ip address of remote computer /admin
for example:   mstsc /console /v: /admin
3. Click OK.

Script for Making Flip Text

As you can see at   making flip text,
Below is the script for making  that flip text.

You can paste to the notepad then save file as html. Or also you can paste to blog post or blog page.

<script language="javascript">
<script language="javascript">
// DEVELOPED By Jason [LovesReborn]
// JavaScript Document
function flip() {
var result = flipString(document.getElementById('oriText').value);
document.getElementById('flipped').value = result;
function flipString(aString) {
aString = aString.toLowerCase();
var last = aString.length - 1;
var result = "";
for (var i = last; i >= 0; --i) {
result += flipChar(aString.charAt(i))

How to Know If Someone Entering Your Computer When You're Online

To know if someone entering (hacking) your computer when you are online, is with her/his computer Ip Address.

In windows To know what's an IP address that entering your computer :
Go to Start --> RUN --> type CMD (to go to command prompt page) , click OK.
Then type  netstat  -an  press Enter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Stop Autoplay With Simple

Most of virus entering your computer through USB Flashdisk or external ISB drive with an autorun file on it. when inserting the disk.

If you are not sure whether the flashdisk have an autorun virus or not, just press and hold SHIFT key when inserting the flashdisk, It will make disable autoplay process, and block the aplication start automatically.

How to Shut Down Your Computer at Specific Time

You can shut down your windows computer at the specific time (scheduled) with easy command, using no software.
Press Windows+R (entering to Run command)
For example:  At the run column write:     at 09:30 shutdown -s   then click OK
To Cancel, Go to Run Command again and write   shutdown -a 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Know Your Computer's IP Address

To know your computer's IP Address in Microsoft Windows 10
Press Windows+R (to open Run command)
Type cmd then click OK or hit Enter
Type ipconfig then press Enter, or for detail information,   type ipconfig /all  press Enter

To know your computer's IP Address in old Windows
Go to Start --> RUN --> type CMD (to go to command prompt page)

Type ipconfig then press Enter, or for detail information,   type ipconfig /all  press Enter

The result will be displayed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Horizontal Line in MS Office 2007 With Very Easy Way

In Microsoft Office word 2007, we can make horizontal line with keyboard shortcuts, it is very easy,

If you want to make standard line, type:  --- (3 dashes) then press Enter key

 Or type: _ _ _ ( 3 underscores), press Enter key

Type:  *** (3 asterisk signs) and press Enter. the result will be like this :

Type:  = = = (3 equal signs) and then press Enter. the result will be like this :

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How To Make Default Saving Format Office 2007 Always To Office 2003

As we all know that the document written in Microsoft Office 2007 format can't be read with MS Office 2003, except in Office 2003 has plugin for reading  2007 format.
In this tips, how to make default saving office 2007 format  is always to Office 2003 format.

Run MS Office word 2007
1. Click at Office logo
2. Click word option

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forget Administrator Password in Windows XP, Vista, And Windows 7

If  we forget password for user account in windows, it doesn't really matter, because still can be reset using administrator account. but if we forget password for administrator account, of course this is a problem, because can't be reset by user account.

fortunatelly, we have tool for reset this administrator password.
You can download  from my drive 
Size is about 3MB.

After download, extract the file, there is an ISO file, then burn it to the CD with option burn image to disk (nero), because the CD is needed for booting the computer.
For Windows 7, just right click the Iso file then choose burn image to disk *

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcut

When browsing on the Internet sometimes we need to use shortcuts to make it more quickly to give instruction on the page.

Below are list of keyboard shortcuts in mozilla firefox

Command NavigationShortcut

1BackAlt + Left Arrow

2ForwardAlt+ Right Arrow

4Open FileCtrl+O

6Reload (override cache) Ctrl+F5

7Stop Esc

Removing From Mozilla Default Search Engine

Maybe you never know why default search engine become,  because you installed free software, installed tool bar , etc.
And now you want to remove it and back to became search as default search engine.

• Open your firefox browser
• In the address bar of your browser, type:   about:config   click Go or  press Enter,
Click  I'll be careful, I promise

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Switch On ATX Power Supply Without Mainboard

Each computer must have a power supply in it. Desktop computers  nowadays normally use power supply ATX (Advanced Technology Extended).

ATX power supply can also be used outside the CPU casing, for example due to the addition of hard drives, CD / DVD drive, or other peripherals, (because the internal power is not enough or the connector is used up.)

How To Check an Infrared Remote Control

Most of remote control using IR (infrared) signal for operation.
The infrared singnal can't be seen with our eye. but with digital camera, it can be seen.
So, if you want to know whether an infra red remote control (TV, air conditioning, etc.) the function is Ok or not, or want to know the battery is still good or weak, take your digital camera, you can also using hand phone camera.
1. Turn on the digital camera and switch to camera position function.
2. Press and hold one of buttons of the remote control
3. Use the camera to see infrared light of the remote control.
4.Look at the camera monitor, if the remote control is in good condition, then the light from the infrared remote control will be seen on the camera screen brightly.