Sunday, December 29, 2013

How To Run Application Via Email

You can run the application you have in your computer using the email for the trigger. From anywhere you send email with Subject that already set in the rule of email client software and then when the email received, it will instruct to run the Application.

To set rule for running Application using email, you have to use email client software such as Microsoft Outlook or others.
I am here using Microsoft Outlook 2010 for the Email client software and use email from Gmail.
(to set Gmail using Microsoft Outlook you can see at previous post).

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Setting Gmail IMAP In Outlook 2010

IMAP, Internet Message Access Protocol, is protocol for e-mail retrieval.
Gmail offer this protocol to all Gmail users  free of charge, so they can use email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird to access, send or receive their Gmail.

Server for Incoming Mail : IMAP - Requires SSL
Port : 993
Requires SSL :Yes

Server Outgoing Mail : SMTP - Requires TLS
Port: 465 or 587
Requires SSL : Yes
Requires authentication : Yes
Use same settings as incoming mail server

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Solve This map can not be embedded in Google Maps

Google Maps has a menu to share the link of the map that already opened/customized.
The first one is copied directly to the URL address.
The second is for embedded  in a blog post or website.

Especially for the second option, embedding to website, problem often occur where there is a warning:  This map can not be embedded.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Show Header in Gmail

Email header contains tracking information about the email that received,  sender, recipient, subject, time sending/receiving and detail information of mail servers or IP address used.

In Gmail if you want to know the header or detail information about the email that you received :

• Login to your Gmail
• Open the email that you want to see in detail mode
• Click More (small arrow icon, see the figure no.1)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Keyboard Shortcut For Notepad

Notepad is a common text only editor from Microsoft.
For you who often using Notepad, better to know the keyboard shortcut and using it  to simplify and speed up your work.

Below are the Notepad Keyboard Shortcuts

PurposesKeyboard Shortcut
To copy selected text to the ClipboardCtrl + C
To cut selected text to the ClipboardCtrl + X
To deletes one character after the cursor (to the right)   Delete (Del)
To deletes one character before the cursor (to the left)Backspace
To display helpF1
To find the textCtrl + F
To move the cursor down one lineDown
To move the cursor to the beginning Ctrl + Home
To move the cursor to the beginning at the same lineHome
To move the cursor to the end Ctrl + End
To move the cursor to the end at the same lineEnd
To move the Cursor up one lineUp
To move to the left one wordCtrl + Left
To move to the right one wordCtrl + Right
To paste contents currently on the clipboardCtrl + V
To repeat last searchF3
To replace the textCtrl + H
To scroll down one screenPage Down
To scroll left one screen. (horizontal)Ctrl + PageUp
To scroll right one screen.(horizontal)Ctrl + PageDown
To scroll up one screenPage Up
To start to the new line Enter

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Sign out from Twiends

Twiends with address :  is known as the site for increasing your Twitter followers . For those who have not registered and would like to try can register at the above address, is guaranteed to have twitter follower increases .

When you are sign in to Twiends, there is no menu to Sign - out . when the browser is closed and then run/open again , your twiends account status is still sign in.

The way to logout / sign out from Twiends  is by removing the twiends cookies in the browser

For Mozilla Firefox :

• Run Mozilla Firefox . Close Twiends  if still open
• Select  Options Menu
• Select the Privacy tab
• Click  Remove individual cookies

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to Set Auto Reply in Outlook 2010

If you are in vacation or you have no time to answer the email in your Ms. Outlook 2010, you can set  automatic reply or auto response or out of office (the same meaning with different name).

To set Automatic reply in Ms Outlook 2010 :
• Go to File Tab
• Click Info
• Choose Automatic Replies.