Friday, September 30, 2016

Notepad in Windows 10

How to run Notepad in Windows 10.
Creating Notepad shortcut at Desktop Windows 10.
You will not see Notepad at Windows 10 start menu programs (All Apps).
But you can still run it from command line, Run command, or you can create shortcut in desktop and pin it to taskbar.

To run notepad using run dialog command :

1. Press Windows key + R to open run dialog.
2. Write Notepad in the column.
3. Press Enter or click OK.

Then the Notepad will appear.

To create Notepad shortcut at the desktop :

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How to set Proxy in Microsoft Edge

Proxy setting in Microsoft Edge Browser.

You will not see the Internet Options menu in Microsoft Edge Browser in order to go to Proxy Server Setting. (different with Internet Explorer, it has Internet Options menu).

But we still have other way to access Internet properties page with easy. not from the browser.

To go to Proxy setting page:

1. Press Windows logo + R to launch Run dialog.
2. Write:  inetcpl.cpl then hit Enter or click OK.

Internet properties page will appear.
3. Choose Connections tab.
4. Choose LAN settings.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Reset Firefox browser

Reset/refreshing Mozilla Firefox browser.

In Mozilla Firefox browser to remove all add-ons, remove customizations, and set it to default setting, then you need to Refresh Firefox.

To Refresh Firefox :
1. Go to Troubleshooting Information page.

There are 3 ways to go to Troubleshooting Information page.

• Go to Help menu then choose Troubleshooting Information.

 The second way, Click the menu icon at the top right  side of the page, then choose Help icon (?).

Choose the Troubleshooting Information.

• The third way. At the address bar, write about:support, it will go to Troubleshooting Information page.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How to Reset Chrome Browser

Reset Google Chrome browser/Resetting Google Chrome to default setting.

1. Click Menu ( icon with 3 vertical dots).
2. Then select Settings.

• Other way to go to Settings :
Type/write in address bar:  chrome://settings  then hit Enter.

Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser

There is no Internet Options link menu in Microsoft Edge browser, in order to reset the browser but you can still access it using other way in Windows 10.
If you want to reset user customizations, disable browser add-ond, Applying default setting, and deleting your personal settings,  then you need to reset the browser.

Resetting Microsoft Edge Browser :

1. Press Windows key + R (to show Run dialog command).
2. Write:  inetcpl.cpl   then hit Enter or click OK.

3. Internet Properties will appear.
4. Choose Advanced tab.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How to capture audio from video

Capture audio from youtube.
Capture music from video.

To capture audio, music or voice from a video, online or offline video (from Internet or from hard/optical drive), you can do by using the audio editing software, in this example I use Audacity.

Audacity is an audio editing tool/software, easy to use and good result. You can download at

Because the aim is capturing audio from the video, it is better to disable the microphone of the computer/laptop to avoid recording voice around you.

To disable microphone :
• Right click speaker icon  at the tray icon.
• Click Recording devices.

• Right click at Microphone then choose Disable.

How to know IP Address in Windows 10

To know IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) in Windows 10, same as previous Windows versions, we can do using two ways, first using Command line/ command prompt, and the second is through Network and Sharing center menu.

To Know IP address by command line :
1. Press the Windows Logo + R (to open the RUN command)
2. Write cmd and then click OK or press Enter.

2. The command line/command prompt will appear, type ipconfig and press enter, then the IP address will be displayed.

How to know the IP address through the Network and Sharing Center menu:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

How to know USB Current and Voltage

You can get the answer for your question about USB Voltage and current with this small tool, for example why charging process in the USB devices, smartphone, power bank, etc, will take a long time or short time, You can know voltage of the USB port of your computer/laptop, USB charger and know the current flow from USB port to USB devices.

The name of tool is USB tester, it can measure Voltage and Current of USB port,

To use this tool is very easy, 
Plug the input port of this tool to the USB port of the computer/laptop or USB charger.
The output of this tool to be connected to the USB peripheral, Handphone, smarthone, flash drive, external hard drive, etc.

For easy to understand you can see the figures below:

In this example I put the USB tester between USB charger and my smartphone.
Voltage of this charger is read  5.03 V (with load ).

USB tester displaying the Voltage of USB charger

For the model of this USB tester, wait for several second, to toggle/change display from Volt (voltage) to Ampere (current), and from Ampere to Volt.
The electric current flow from charger to my smartphone, the value is 1.05 A

USB tester displaying the Current in Ampere of USB charger

I try to move and plug the USB tester to my Laptop.
The value is 4.86 V (with load/smartphone)
USB tester displaying Voltage of  Laptop USB port
The current flow from my laptop USB to the smartphone is 0.46 A

USB tester displaying the Current in Ampere of  laptop USB port to the smartphone
I try to connect to my Flash drive, the current is 0.04A

You can try to your USB devices, The price of this small USB tester is very cheap, you can buy from online store or at your local computer accessories store.

Friday, September 9, 2016

How to set Bluetooth Audio Receiver

To play music on the active speaker/audio amplifier from our smartphone, computer tablet, laptop, etc, we can use audio cable or using the bluetooth for connection.
Especially those using bluetooth, it will be deemed a lot of advantages, because we are free to move while carrying a smartphone, sleeping, sitting, even while walking we can pick and choose favorite songs.

If you have an audio active speaker or audio amplifier without Bluetooth receiver on it, You can add/install bluetooth separately.
Nowadays you can get the bluetooth audio receiver easily and the price in not expensive.
I use generic bluetooth audio receiver, as show below, the quality is very good.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver
How to install bluetooth?, you can see picture below:
You can use Smartphone charger with usb port for electric supply (5VDC)
The  jack from bluetooth to be connected to the Line input of your audio amplifier or active speaker.

Connect the jack to the Line in of Active speaker. Plug the bluetooth to USB smartphone charger.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to transfer Domain from Godaddy

Transfer Godaddy Domain. 
To transfer the domain from one domain registrar to other domain registrar is not difficult.
What you need is the EPP code from your first/old domain registrar where your domain is exist. The EPP code is required  by your new domain registrar.
(EPP code is an authorization key provided by your old registrar and required by your new registrar).

In GoDaddy domain registrar, the EPP code  is named: Authorization code. so if you want to transfer domain from Godaddy you have to know the Authorization code for your domain.

To Transfer Domain from Godaddy to  your other domain registrar :
(get Authorization code from Godaddy)
1. Log-in/sign-in to your Godaddy account.
2. Choose the domain that you want to transfer  .

3. Go to Domain setting.
4. Update your contact information.
5. Set Domain Lock to Off.
6. Click Get authorization code.
Then Godaddy will send the authorization code to your email.

7. Now, Sign-in to your new domain registrar, where your domain will be transferred.
8. Usually from domain menu you will find the Transfer Domains to Us (maybe in yours the words will be different).
 9. Choose it (Transfer Domains to Us), then enter the domain name, then you will be asked for the EPP code. Enter the authorization code that you have received from Godaddy by email.
10. Follow the wizard  until you checkout and pay for the domain.
11. If your payment has already verified, not take a long time, again you will receive email from Godaddy about Domain Transfer Notice.
12. You have to sign-in to Godaddy and choose  to the Domain again to accept the transfer.

13. In transfer tab you will see the domain name that will be transferred , choose Manage.

  14. In Transfer Details, choose Accept or decline

15. Select Accept transfer and click OK

16. Wait a moment, then you will receive email from new domain registrar saying that the domain is already active.