How to set Out of office, Autoresponder, Auto reply in Gmail

If you are in vacation or just want to be free from email activity, or for other reasons, in Gmail when someone, your friends, or your contacts send you an email, automatically  you can reply and  tell  them that you are in vacation or you are out of office, using auto reply or auto responder immediately sent after they send you  the mail.

To set auto reply in Gmail

• Log in to your Gmail
• Go to Settings Menu, at the right of the Gmail window.

• Click on Settings

• At the General tab, Scroll down and find the Vacation Responder

Out of office assistant  setting in Gmail

• Give checklist at the Vacation responder on, to make auto reply On.
• Set the date of the first day of auto responder to be on
• Checklist at Ends, and set for the date when the auto responder must be off (back to normal), leave (uncheck) if you will do manually
• Write the messages for auto reply / auto responder, mesages what  you want to tell to them. when they send an email to you.
• Click  Save Changes

Now, if someone send you an email, they will receive the notice automatically from autoresponder, until you change back to normal or end by the schedule.

Good luck..

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