Yahoo Mail Auto Reply / Autoresponse / Out of Office Assistant Setting

Same as with others e-mail service, Yahoo mail  also have facility  for answering or auto reply when there is an incoming email, useful when we're on leave, vacation or other reasons.

Many terms for this function: Autoresponse, Out of office assistant, Autoreply, etc.
In Yahoo the name is  Vacation Response.

To activate Yahoo Vacation Response  :

• Login to your Yahoo email
• Go to Options menu
• Select Mail Options

• Select / click on the Options tab
• Click on the Vacation Response

• Give a tick the Enable Auto-response during these dates (inclusive)
• Set the date, month and year for starting the Active Vacation Response
• Set the date, month and year for stopping or disable the Vacation Response.
• Write a message that will be used for autoreply / autorespon you wish, for example : I am in vacation for two weeks please contact my staff...  , etc.
• Click Save
• Try to send an email to the email address that we just set for vacation response.

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