How To Clear/ Remove Saved Password in Windows

If you have saved / stored password in Windows, for example password for network file sharing or printer sharing, and now you want to remove it because  you don't need it again, or if the resource password is already changed so that you need to change the password to still be able to connect to that resource.

In shared folder, if the password is already changed but in your windows still have the old password, of course you will have an error message and cannot connect to the resources, so you need to edit  the password.

Below are the steps to remove/clear or edit stored/saved  password in Windows 7
( for others Windows are not too different, same go to  Windows credentials)

Go to Control Panel, User Accounts
( Click Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts )

Click Manage your credentials

See on Windows Credentials, Click Modified
Now you can edit or remove password as you need.

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